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As the region's leading vending provider, we feel that it is our responsibility to do our part to preserve the health of our planet. At Bittner Vending, we strive to go the extra mile in "Going Green."  We regularly update our fleet of almost 100 vehicles to maximize fuel efficiency. We use GPS to map and create the most cost-effective routes for our drivers. Less fuel and less mileage means less of a carbon footprint on Mother Earth.

Along with our effort to maintain and upgrade our fleet of vehicles, Bittner Vending has been going to great lengths to update our vending equipment. All of our newly purchased merchandisers are classified as Energy Star Rated and we are constantly refurbishing our current machines with LED lighting, LED displays, and state-of-the-art energy saving sensors.

Interested in learning more about our "Going Green" initiative or have an idea to help us shrink our "Carbon Footprint"? We'd love to hear from you!

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Go Green with Bittner!

Did you know....

Did you know that Bittner Vending is one of the region's largest recyclers of cardboard and plastic wrap? We are proud to say that almost 2500 pounds of recyclable material per week are sent to the recycling plant from our facilities and kept out of the landfills. 

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