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Our History

Kim Bittner founded Bittner Vending in April 1979 with 2 trucks and two employees – one full-time and one part-time. Kim was fresh out of college when he and his brother, Doc, invested in an existing vending company that owned 25 candy machines and 25 cigarette machines. Cigarettes vended for 65 cents and most candy cost about a quarter. 

Charlie Barron started working for Bittner Vending in the early 80's as a full-time employee. When he married Kim's sister, Cindy, he was welcomed to the family with part ownership in the company. Charlie rounds out the ownership in Bittner Vending, keeping it all in the family.  

Great service, new markets and acquisition have helped our company grow. We've purchased about 18 companies over the years, some small Mom & Pop businesses and some larger companies. Some of these acquisition companies came with wonderfully talented people who now hold key positions at Bittner Vending. Today we are one of the largest vending companies in the region with more than 7,000 machines in operation. 

The coffee business wasn't new to Kim's family – his dad, Bob, had a coffee business back in the day. So it wasn't a surprise in the early 80's when Kim added Office Coffee Service to the Bittner line-up. In 1989 we purchased Johnstown Coffee and became even more entrenched in the coffee business.  

Amusements became a hot item in the 80's with game rooms popping up everywhere. Pinball, video games and other amusements became standard items in restaurants and clubs and a big part of the Bittner Vending operation. We even took our show on the road for a few years, setting up a mobile amusement trailer to travel from town to town.

Expanding Our Business

In the late 90's we saw an opportunity to provide fresh water to the community with Bittner Natural Spring Water. We pride ourselves on a top-quality product and our relationships with local springs and a local bottler.

In 2006 it was clear that we had outgrown our Berlin, Pennsylvania location – a former Pepsi bottling plant that had been our home for over 25 years. We purchased and renovated our current corporate headquarters at 1120 Miller Picking Drive in Davidsville in April 2007, combining locations in Johnstown's West End and Berlin. This facility houses our vehicles, amusements and goods, giving us the advantage of a central hub for four satellite facilities strategically located to serve our customers.

Business as usual means you might find Kim Bittner working in the warehouse, delivering water bottles for a customer or negotiating with a vendor. Just ask this hands-on corporate president and he will tell you that he's seen lots of changes in the vending and coffee business over almost 35 years. Most of the changes have been in technology, and we've tried to stay ahead of the curve with healthy initiatives. But one thing always stays the same:"Our business will always be about customer service. We are passionate about great customer service."

Bittner Vending

1120 Miller Picking Road, Davidsville, PA 15928
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