100s of exiciting games for your bar or club.
Bittner Small Games of Chance

Small Games of Chance

Looking for Luck? If you hold an SGOC license in Pennsylvania, look no further! Bittner Vending can provide hundreds of winning games. With Bittner's game machines you have the opportunity to turn a profit and raise funds. Offer your customers a way to win prizes that keep them coming back for more. 

They may be small games of chance but they have a big payout for your bar or club! Simply buy the games, cards or tickets and then reap the benefits.

For more information visit www.bittnervendingsgoc.com, or contact Dan the Ticket Man at 814-521-7581 or 800-869-7521 or .

We offer a wide assortment of games that are perfect for your fundraising activities. Try something new to supplement your tried and true games. Let us show you the latest items!

Why Choose Bittner's Small Chance Games?

Bittner Vending's large selection of games will ensure that your customers keep coming back for more fun while building revenue for your club. Our games are: 

  • Available in many varieties
  • Customizable
  • Bright and flashy, to attract the attention of your customers
In addition, Bittner Vending offers pull tabs, bingo supplies, prize boards, jar tickets, punch boards, seal cards, tip boards and coin boards!

Service & Delivery

Bittner Vending has our own "Dan the Ticket Man" to provide great customer service and ensure fast, timely deliveries!

Dan can answer your questions and is always reachable via phone or email! Dan will work with you and your establishment to deliver your order on a convenient schedule. 

Need a basket for a fundraising event? Our creative minds and crafty skills will be put to good use! We can create baskets featuring our fun, fresh snacks and drinks or a Keurig coffee basket featuring the most popular varieties.

Bittner Vending

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