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Who loves coffee? We do! 

Make your office coffee a true employee perk with our great selection of coffee!  

Our goal is to become the full service provider for all your business refreshment and coffee product needs. Our commitment is to provide the best selection of premium coffees and related products with unparalleled service.

Call today! Contact us today at 800-869-7521 or email us at . Our friendly customer service representatives will start you on your way to enjoying the very best in office coffee and break room supplies, with personalized, attentive service.

Bittner Private Label Coffee

Bittner Vending has partnered with Ellis Coffee to develop a family of fine coffees to call our own.

Bittner Premium Roast

This medium bodied blend of the finest Arabica coffees has an alluring aroma, a smooth acidity and a nicely balanced body.

Bittner 100% Columbian

This medium bodied 100% Columbian Excelso coffee has a good body and is well-balanced. Its mild flavor and full aroma are heightened with a bright acidity.

Bittner Whole Bean Coffee

Bittner Euro Dark Roast Whole Bean is a full bodied blend of the finest Arabica coffees roasted to a beautiful dark brown, allowing the acidity to diminish and the rich bitter-sweetness of the coffee to emerge.

Our Bittner Whole Bean Decaf is the same medium bodied blend of our premium Arabica coffees naturally decaffeinated to 99.9% caffeine free.


Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee is well known for the K-Cup. But even before that phenomenon, GMCR was well established in New England. This roaster is very socially and community driven. A large percent of their portfolio is Fair Trade and Fair Trade Organics. Bittner Vending carries a wide variety of GMCR products, including K-Cups and fractional packaging for traditional brews.

Ellis Coffee

As one of America’s oldest roasters, Ellis has been developing and blending the finest coffees for over 150 years.

Ellis Coffee's Mezzaroma Coffee

Ellis Coffee's Mezzaroma family of coffees appeals to the most discriminating coffee lover. This small batch roaster features rich, full-bodied flavor and aroma. Roast profiles range from American to French. Mezzaroma also features a delightful variety of ever-changing flavors.

Master Blend

Master Blend is Maxwell House's smoothest brew. They start by selecting only the highest quality beans, then custom roast them for a full flavored taste. Our Master Blend coffee is delivered in portion packs or filter packs – perfect for use in the office setting. Maxwell House is always good to the last drop.

Eight O'Clock Coffee

Eight O’Clock coffee is currently the #1 selling whole bean in America. They have been roasting coffee since 1859. Bittner Vending stocks regular and decaf for the coffee drinker who is simply looking for a good "Cup of Joe."

Starbucks Coffee

Years of focus and expertise have led to the Starbucks Roast Spectrum. Each coffee bean requires a unique balance of temperature and time to reach its individual peak of aroma, acidity, body and flavor. Starbucks coffees are classified by three roast profiles – Starbucks® Blonde Roast, Medium Roast and Dark Roast – so you can easily find the flavor and intensity that’s perfect for you. Starbucks is available in both K-Cups and fractional packaging.

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