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As the region's leading vending company, Bittner Vending offers a wide variety of popular national snack brands such as Frito-Lay, Mars, and Hershey, as well as a full catalog of Pepsi and Coca-Cola products. We are also proud to carry an assortment of top local brands such as Snyder's of Berlin, Boyer's Candy Company, and Middleswarth Chip Company.

Got Freshness? Bittner Vending customers do! Our state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot food preparation facility creates and distributes over 50,000 fresh meals every week. Whether you're looking for a simple cheeseburger or a slice of gourmet lasagna, you'll find it in our vast catalog of delicious food choices.

More and more, providing healthy snacks and beverages is an important concern for our customers. At Bittner Vending, we've met this need by offering healthy choices in all of our vending merchandisers. For health-conscious customers, we have a vast catalog of alternative snacks that are sure to satisfy. Click here to read more! 

Want to learn more about what we can offer? Click here to download a full product catalog.

Do you have a specific question about the products that we offer? Please contact us at 800-869-7521 or email us at

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